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When each Sister and the Sister's guardian are destroyed another fragment of the map is found. Eventually they discover that the Sisters are hidden in the four most eastern, northern, western and southern corners of Deltora.

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The Sister of the East is hidden in Dragon's Nest. The Sister of the South is hidden in the city of Del, which happens to be the hometown of Lief.

In the Deltora series, apart from the books which tell the story, there are a number of companion books. These books include the following:. The Deltora Book of Monsters : This book goes through all the monsters and other deadly things that exist in the world of Deltora. Through the original Deltora Quest to Dragons of Deltora. They go through the beasts that cause the history through certain landmarks, such as Reeah from the City of the Rats.

The book is also "written" by Josef, the palace librarian in king Alton's time. Tales of Deltora : This book tells of how the land of Deltora came to be, how the seven gems came to be, how the Shadow Lord came to be and many other things that evolved to become secrets, that just had to be released in this highly detailed book, with 20 new illustrations by Marc McBride Illustrator , and tales that make up some of the legends. The book was "written" by Josef, who in the Deltora Quest 2 and Deltora Quest 3 series is the palace librarian of the city Del. Outside of the Deltora universe, the book was written by Emily Rodda and published by Scholastic Press in The Land of Dragons : Although it does not have the word "Deltora" in the title, this book is related to the Deltora series.

It contains many of the short stories from the original edition of Tales of Deltora , along with three additional stories which were later included in the edition of Tales of Deltora. The former book, which details the drawing of Deltoran monsters, was more associated with Marc McBride than Emily Rodda, seeing that he is the illustrator. In the back of the paperback version of Shadows of the Master there is also an author's note that states that Rowan of Rin , The Three Doors and Deltora Quest are set in the same world.

Barda describes Lief as "a young hot-head" who spends his time roaming the streets and both tempting and dodging trouble. On his 16th birthday he leaves Del on his father's quest to find the magical gems missing from the Belt of Deltora and the heir destined to wear it. Lief is tempted in many ways and by the end of the first series he has grown not only in bravery and strength, but also in wisdom and patience.

Lief is very courageous and extremely trustworthy. A few times he considers giving up the quest, but the thought of his friends or allies suffering always helps him to continue. The second series sees the characters questioning their trust of one another as they plot to save the slaves in the Shadowlands. In the third series, Lief and friends once more quest around Deltora, awakening the ancient dragons which help him destroy the Sisters of the North, South, East, and West. In the eighth book, it is told that Lief's hair is dark.

It is implied in Isle of the Dead that he is at least eighteen. During the second series, Lief and Jasmine's romantic feelings for each other become more pronounced, and at the end of the third series, they got married and have three children, a daughter named Anna after Jasmine's mother and twin sons called Jarred after Jasmine's father and Endon after Lief's father. At the beginning of the series Barda appears to be a poor beggar living on the streets of Del.

He is revealed to be an ex-palace guard who assumes the role of protector to Lief, much to both his and Lief's dismay.

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  • He is a skilled swordsman and often makes grim jokes about being stuck with two young hot-heads Lief and Jasmine. During the series, Barda competes in a contest in which he describes his special skill as strength. He helps Lief and Jasmine along the quest and is always stronghearted, never gives up hope and is rather a gentle giant. At the end of the third series Barda finds love and happiness with Lindal of Broome, whom he marries and together they have six children.

    Jasmine is 16, approximately the same age as Lief. When she was first introduced she wore the tattered remains of the uniforms of Grey Guards. She is often described as impatient and lonely, but with a good heart.

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    In the beginning of the series, Jasmine is a wild orphan girl who lives a solitary life with her pets Filli and Kree in the dangerous Forests of Silence. She meets Lief and Barda when the pair gets trapped in the Forests by the Wenn. Monster Cowboy is a story about making a friend's dreams come true. In this story Lurk wants to be a cowboy.

    His friends surprise him with a visit to a farm to ride a horse.

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    Unfortunately the horses at the farm are too small for Lurk to ride. Lurk's friends find another way for Lurk to ride horses. Guided Reading Lesson. Reading Strategy Use the reading strategy of connecting to prior knowledge before and during reading. Phonological Awareness Orally blend phonemes. Grammar and Mechanics Identify nouns. Parents say No reviews yet Add your rating. Kids say No reviews yet Add your rating.

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